The Last of us

Tattoo artist James king

"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection". Michelangelo

I started noticing art at a young age. I used to see posters and advertisements and I would look at the drawings and the paintings and study their designs, wondering who had come up with the ideas. I wanted to create art myself and to tell stories through drawing. I used my imagination to recreate the imagery I had seen, adding to each in an attempt to create my own stories and tempt emotion. By the early-90s I was reading comic books, admiring the bold lines and contrasting colours of the superhero titles. Again, I started to recreate the imagery, moving closer towards realism and reproducing real life through in art. It’s this realism that I try to demonstrate in my tattoo work today.


When I first saw a copy of a Tattoo magazine, it clicked. I knew then that this was the medium I needed to explore. I started to design and draw small, intricate tattoos in 2005 and gradually built up to larger scale works, all the while continuing to draw and teaching myself to use pen, charcoal, chalks, pastels and metal-point. Alongside this I practised using ink, learning about the common forms of tattoo and how to work on skin.


I now operate a private studio in the heart of Shoreditch which allows me the freedom and complete concentration of focus on specific Art and Tattoo projects.


To book a consultation, please use the Contact Us page. I look forward to welcoming you to Inklectic Tattoos and helping to create a unique piece of art.